Is it able to mark over 300*300mm?

A lot of customers have similar question before they purchase a fiber laser marking machine. Well, the marking range is decided by the F-theta lenses. Below chart shows a general match between focal length and marking range.

Focal Length (mm)Marking Range/Size (mm)
F300180*180 / 200*200
F390260*260 / 280*280

But it doesn’t mean you can enlarge the marking range by simply changing a F-theta lenses with a deeper focal length. The larger marking range ability you require, the higher laser output power the machine should have. Normally the 20W fiber laser marker can be equipped with F160 and F254 lens. But you’d better use F160 lens because you’ll find that the laser beam seems to diverge a little bit and the laser power is not that strong with F254 lens comparing with that when using F160 lens.