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ZnSe CO2 focusing lens is widely used in CO2 laser marking machines. It changes the light path to make the laser focused on the targeted work piece. Asroyale provides different kinds of ZnSe CO2 focusing lens to meet customer’s requirements.


Wavelength: 10.6μm

Material: Imported ZnSe

Transmission: 99.5%

Clear Aperture: >90%




Customized size and wavelength are available upon request.


In the market, there are many low quality products. Some sellers regard the K9 or China quartz as import quartz, because the shapes are the same. Please contact us to learn more about the detailed information.

K9 or China quartz(JGS2) is mainly for 1-500W

China quartz(JGS1) is mainly for up to 2000W

Import quartz is up to 6000W

Please note that it means the currently using output power, K9 and China quartz can be also used in 2000W fiber laser cutting machines and it won’t hurt your laser machine. You’re welcome to purchase some to test. The import quartz is the most widely used material, and the lifetime is longer and cutting efficiency is better.


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