Project Description


CO2 F-theta lens (10.6um/10600nm) is installed on the bottom of the CO2 laser marking Galvanometer cube. Different CO2 F-theta lens come with different focal length which decides the scale of the scan field. Our ƒ-theta lenses are used in various applications from industrial material processing (e.g. drilling, marking, welding of synthetic materials or cutting) in addition to medical and biotechnological applications (confocal microscopy, ophthalmology) and science and research.


-High efficiency AR coatings
-High damage threshold
-Low F-Theta distortion


-Laser marking
-Laser engraving
-Laser cutting


CO2 F-theta Lens

Part No. Effective Focal Length (mm) Scan Angle (±°) Scan Field (mm) Thread
F63 63 30 50×50 M85x1
F100 100 30 70×70 M85x1
F160 160 30 110×110 M85x1
F230 230 30 140X140 M85x1
F254 254 30 175X175 M85x1
F300 300 30 210×210 M85x1
F360 360 30 250×250 M85x1
F450 450 20 300×300 M85x1
F450 450 20 300×300 M85x1
F592 592 20 400×400 M85x1
F650 650 20 600X600 M85x1

Customized size and wavelength are available upon request.

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