Project Description


Ceramic nozzle holder contains three main parts: ceramic body, stainless steel part and copper needle.

It is used for transferring collected capacitive signal from nozzle to copper needle.

In the market, lots of low-quality ceramic nozzle holders can’t meet the standard and cause loose contact between stainless steel part and cooper needle. Asroyale Technology uses high-quality conductive silver adhesives to tightly connect stainless steel part with ceramic body while the conductive performance between stainless part and cooper needle is high enough.

Applicable machines

Chinese and international brands – such as LVD, Bystronic, Prima, Miyachi, ROFIN, TRUMPF, Highyag, Han’s Laser, HG Laser, Everbright, Stars, LaserValley, Lasermech, U.W. Laser, Aohua Laser, Chutian, WSX, etc. For laser welding equipment, cutting equipment application.
Our products can be used in the machines made by: Bystronic, Trumpf, Prima, LVD, AMADA, Mitsubishi, Mazak, NTC, Unity, Hans, Farleylaser, HYPE-CUT, etc.




Types of Ceramic Nozzle Holder (ceramic ring)


Brand Type Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Thread
Raytools A 32*28 12 M14
Precitec B 28*24.5 11.7 M11
Trumpf 1349171/1755673 C 41 33.5 M12
Highyag/Nukon D1 34.5 16.7 /
D2 24.4 22.3

Customized sizes of ceramic nozzle holders are available upon request.


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